Meg Kissinger (third from the left in the pink shirt) poses with her five siblings.
Last week during class, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Meg Kissinger visited #loweclass to talk about reporting and the ups and downs of her career. As a reporter specializing in stories about mental health issues, Meg Kissinger deals with sensitive topics on a daily basis, but even though I was only with her a short time, I could see immediately that reporting on these topics is truly her calling. 

What impressed me the most about Meg Kissinger was the joy that she exuded. When she walked in, she lit up the room, and even though I only had the privilege of listening to her for a little while, I did notice that the conversation was remarkably not as much about her accomplishments as much as about how the class can learn from her experiences to become better journalists. 

I was shocked when, about an hour into the conversation, Meg Kissinger mentioned that she had was a breast cancer survivor. It was only mentioned as an explanation of why she had to take a break from work, which makes me think that had it not interfered with work or been applicable in that particular conversation, we would have gone without knowing about it. I thought it was remarkably modest of her to focus so much on the people she reports on and how they inspire her to be a betteand so little on her own struggles and successes. 

Meg Kissinger could have spoken to our class for another two hours, and I don't think anyone in the room would have complained. She was not only a dynamic speaker, but she was also inspirational, all while maintaining a down to earth honesty that is truly commendable, and I am thrilled that I had the opportunity to listen to her speak last Wednesday. 

I hope that one day, I can be the kind of journalist that Meg Kissinger is.

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